How to bet online on football and its Advantages?


Football ( แทงบอล) is a universal games loved by millions of people all over the globe, due to everything going online, football betting has become very popular among fans, now every football lover is able to bet online for their favourite tournaments and competitions and earn money very easily. Here you’ll get to know how to bet and some of the best sports betting tips for you to win easily.

Betting options for football       

There is N-number of options available to bet on football (แทงบอล) betting markets, here are some of the easy and popular options to do so:

  • Live betting or In-play betting– In this the payers get to bet during the live match, it’s quite a thrilling way to bet as one can guess if a player is in the hunch of scoring a goal, so that way you get to bet on either of the teams.
  • End result betting– This is the most common and popular way of betting among the players. In this you bet on the overall outcome for the game. A home win, draw or an away win.
  • Betting on both teams– You can get a win-win outcome from this betting option as you get to bet on both the teams if both are scoring a lot. This is also very popular method for betting as you can insure that any one of them has to win!


  • Double Chance – Same as 1X2 betting, there are three options to choose from, but the odds of losing are much higher. Unfortunately, the chances are greatly reduced. This is because the different results are grouped in pairs.
  • No Bet Tie – No Bet Tie is a football bet that does not include payouts from the available options. If the game ends without a winner, your bet will be refunded.
  • Handicap / Asian Handicap – Handicap in football betting means an advantage to either party which is awarded first and is applied to the final result of the match. The usual soccer handicap value is 1, but you can find alternatives online.

Why bet on football: advantages?                                              

  • Opportunity to make money online

The biggest advantage of sports betting is in terms of low budget. Any amount of money you have can give you an advantage as long as you bet on a reputable website.

  • Comfort

Although there are many hobbies, you can’t play them all the time. This is because some games are expensive so you can’t play them all the time. Sports betting are an affordable pastime that you can play anytime, anywhere

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